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Umbra creat
Recent Entries 
23rd-Mar-2011 06:42 pm - Icons XIII
NIKITA - Birkhoff
My entries for Round #03 of nikita20in20.


[01-30] Xander Berkeley


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9th-Feb-2011 04:25 pm - Textures III
JGL - apple
Bokeh Icon Texture Set

50 Textures

Please credit umbra_creat, spokelse85 or my dA.
Don't claim as your own.
Have fun. :o)

Download here
25th-Jan-2011 03:10 pm - New Wallpaper
ASoIaF - Quote
Made a new Felicia Day Wallpaper. Hope you like it.
Size: 1366x768 px
Download full size @ deviantart

Felicia Day Wallpaper 02 by ~Carcassonne on deviantART
8th-Jan-2011 07:46 pm - Textures II
ASoIaF - Quote
New set of large textures.
Size: 800x600

Hope you like it. :o)

Rules in the sidebar.
Please let me know what you think to improve my work. :o)

Download at my dA
1st-Jan-2011 03:02 pm - Textures I
ASoIaF - Quote
My first texture set. Hope you like it. :)

15 Icon textures (100x100), 1 large texture (1024x768).

Download here at my dA

Rules in the sidebar. :o)
2nd-Nov-2010 05:12 pm - Icons IX
ASoIaF - Quote
[01-03]Misha Collins/Castiel
[04-22]Joseph Gordon-Levitt
[23-37]Zooey Deschanel
[38-44]Felicia Day
[45-50]Aaron Stanford


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